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Promising Practices

Check out these promising instructional practices from educators across the state of Wisconsin. Click on the images below to view the videos within that section. If you too have an effective practice to share with others contact Lindsay Stoetzel at ​  

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Educational Engagement

Educational engagement speaks to the many opportunities school personnel have to engage with not only with one another but also with business, community, and parents. Engaging with one or more of these entities can create successful education opportunities for all students, as well as opportunities to solve broader community issues. Learn ways in which educators are engaging with each other, their community, and how engagement impacts the classroom.

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Learner-Centered Teaching

Learner-Centered teaching shifts the focus of any learning opportunity from the teacher to the learner. There are a variety of methods including active learning, cooperative learning, and inductive learning, which may include inquiry-based learning, case-based instruction, problem-based learning, project-based learning, and discovery learning. Discover a variety of learner-centered approaches and utilize them within your own classroom.

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Instructional Technology

Instructional technology is the use of a variety of teaching tools to improve student learning. Explore technology and find meaningful ways to incorporate it into your classroom.

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Content Areas  

The ability to read, write, speak, listen, and think effectively enables adolescents to learn and to communicate clearly in and out of school. This learning community provides participants with the opportunity to share and learn from other educators and research about how to best infuse literacy in their own content areas.


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Peer Mentorship for Teaching with Technologies

Reflection on practice is an essential component of ongoing teacher learning- especially for understanding when and why to integrate technology in lesson designs. These resources take a peer mentorship approach to guiding reflection and engaging in collaborative work around lesson design.

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