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Precollege Initiatives

Challenging Minds, Inspiring Youth


Precollege Initiatives embodies the Wisconsin Idea to serve the needs and priorities of precollege students and their communities by drawing upon the research and resources of the University of Wisconsin School of Education in order to:

  • motivate, inspire challenge and support a broad range of diverse precollege students
  • provide innovative and culturally relevant programming
  • access post-secondary education and
  • become life-long learners


Education Outreach and Partnerships in UW-Madison's School of Education offers a number of precollege programs for students completing grades 4-12. Precollege programs allow students to interact with peers, encourage creative thinking, team building, and creative problem solving with exposure to challenging academic areas. They also give youth a variety of opportunities to explore their interests, discover hidden talents, have fun, meet new people, and prepare for the exciting world of college.

Scholarship Fund

UW Precollege Programs offer scholarships to many students who would otherwise be unable to attend our programs. If you are interested in contributing to our scholarship fund or sponsoring another student, you may do so through our Giving page. Gifts may be deductible by those who itemize their tax returns unless there are goods, services or other tangible benefits delivered in exchange for the gift.

Getting around the UW-Madison Campus

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