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Education Outreach and Partnerships
School of Education
Teacher Education Building
225 N. Mills Street - Suite 264
MadisonWI  53706-1691

Tel: 608/890-3091
Fax: 608/265-4309

Email: outreachinfo@education.wisc.edu
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Responsive to the Field, Making a Difference

The heart of the work in the Education Outreach and Partnerships Office is to be responsive to the complex needs in the field of education and the lives of educators. Within this mission live topics such as: 

  • Addressing the opportunity debt issues in our community, state and country           
  • Honoring the voices of teachers and professionals in the field
  • Facilitating ways for those voices of teachers and students to be heard          
  • Connecting policy and teacher lived experiences          
  • Promoting research opportunities that impact educational practices          
  • Creating safe spaces for students to explore their learning styles  

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